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So yeah, I don't have the kind of time I would like to have to invest in this site. I need some people to help me out with making graphics, managing & what-not. If you're interested, please read the requirements below, then fill out the form below. Thank you so much!

Requirements for Graphic Artist:
  • A thourough knowledge of graphic design & web layouts
    (How to make wallpapers, icons, layouts & textures)
  • A good graphics making program (Photoshop is prefered)
  • When requested by webmistress, will be able to design whatever she requires (you can also just make graphics whenever you want ^_^)
  • A reliable email address and availability

Bonuses: Will be given credit (no link) on all pages where your created graphics have been posted. Also credit will be given (no link) on all layouts designed by you. Will be listed on staff page and given choice on personal icon. (Sorry it's not more XP ^_~)

Requirements for Management: COMiNG SOON (This option not available yet)  


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